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What is the purpose of life?
Ever heard a Quran recitation before? Here is a sample from prayer.
Some Quran linguistic miracles.
A Quran historical miracle.
Islam explained to a person.


Note: Remember that Muslims use prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as their role model. Also "Allah" is the word for "God" in the Arabic language.

These are currently the most popular Muslim speakers in the English language. (Listed without comment.)

Other popular:

Popular with women

(Book) Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam Kindle Edition by A. Helwa


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Other popular Muslim speakers / writers (added without comment)
Book on Islam and atheism (skip any chapters that are a little difficult to follow) Divine Reality by Hamza Tzortzis
Here is a video 7 Reasons Why God Is Worthy Of Worship | Hamza Tzortzis
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